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EasyOHS Makes your job Easy

Here are just three of the ways the EasyOHS system makes your life better.


  • The EasyOHS Safe Work Procedure creator, allows you to call the SWP a JSA, SWMS, WMS or whatever name you need to align with the terminology in your state or territory.  It also now includes:

  • A residual risk ranking score

  • Responsibility column with the ability to link a staff name or position description

  • We have also loaded numerous legislative requirements, standards and codes which you can tick and insert as references in your procedure. 

  • The SWP's also also allow plant / maintenance, tickets, training and staff to be linked directly from your existing data. 

  • The SWP also includes a sign off sheet in the printout which can link in your staff from your staff module.

Our Site pecific safety management plan creator and Safety Management Plan Creator can link in various policies, procedures and SWMS, JSA's, SWP's etc. from your system. 

Your EasyOHS safety software will then extract all the data and produce a neat 60+ page Safety (or Site Specific) Management Plan as a PDF ready to print or send for tenders or take to the worksite. 
There have been a large number of enhancements to the Training and Induction systems where you can link in existing training (movies / docs / powerpoint etc) and create your own questionnaires.    Once you link staff in the system will print all relevant questionnaires, sign off sheets and even an award certificate with the participants name. 

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