Frequently Asked Questions

EasyOHS - What is it?

EasyOHS - What makes it different?

EasyOHS - Where in the world can I use it?

EasyOHS - How do I become a member?

I'm only a small business. Can EasyOHS work for me?

EasyOHS - What can I do with the demo programme?

EasyOHS - Will just having it make me instantly compliant with my legal requirements?

About the price - How much will it cost me to implement EasyOHS in my workplace?

About the price - Will it increase after I sign up?

EasyOHS - What happens if my membership expires and then I re-Join?

What is the difference between an SWP, a JSA and a SWMS?

Why are there only four entries in the Emergency Response window?

Cloud version - How many Seats can I set up?

There's some time left on my current subscription, Will I lose that if I convert to the Cloud version?

Cloud version - What's the difference between a Gate and a Seat?

Cloud version - What sized business can the Cloud version be used in?

Cloud version - Can I use the Apps with the Single User and LAN versions of the programme?

Supplies - Will I need to get special stationery for EasyOHS to print its documents?

Supplies - If I get a LetterHead made, can I use it with EasyOHS?

Supplies - Most EasyOHS documents are printed in colour. Do I need a colour printer?

EasyOHS - Why do I have to pay an annual fee?

Cloud version - Are the Apps able to be used concurrently?

Supplies - How do I know which policies, procedures and other documents to download?

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