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Software v Paper-based Safety Systems

Managing workplace safety can involve managing vast amounts of information.  Most business owners don’t need more paperwork floating about their office, but what are the alternatives to prove compliance with safety requirements?  There is an easier way. 

After assessing and setting up numerous safety systems in large and small organisations, we have found that bigger isn’t always better.  Unless the system is simple, useable and properly supported, it will crash and burn.  What you end up with then is a waste of time, money and resources.


By having an EasyOHS membership and software as the heart of your safety system, you will reap some of the following benefits over traditional paper based systems:

  • The system can be updated and changed quickly

  • The most recent version of a document can be found in seconds

  • It creates an easy way to assess and review your current compliance level

  • If you get audited, you know that all your important safety information is in the system (not lost in a folder somewhere!)

  • The EasyOHS system provides formatted reports and printouts of the information contained in the system, so you don’t have to muck around with messy Word and Excel Templates & files that often get lost on your computer

  • You can download templates of procedures and polices from EasyOHS and adopt them into your system.  This saves an enormous amount of time and expense

  • As the system is updated and reviewed it changes to reflect the current safety climate in your workplace.  With a paper based system, it can become completely out of date, meaning an entire new system is needed

  • Paper based systems often sell off the shelf for between $1500 to $6000+ and quite often just sit on the shelf gathering dust.

  • The EasyOHS system can be easily backed up, whereas if a paper based system is damaged or lost, you have no evidence of compliance

  • With a paper based system you have minimal (if any) ongoing support, and where additional support is required costs are usually at least $80 to $140 per hour

  • With membership, all updates to the EasyOHS software are free.


These are serious considerations you must think about prior to purchasing any system.  The last thing you can afford is to implement something that doesn’t work, isn’t properly supported and costs you more money to manage in the long run. 

EasyOHS has been keeping companies compliant for more than 10 years.

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