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Safe Work Procedures


All images shown are from the desktop version. The Cloud version is functionally similar, with additional features, but the layout will differ in some places

I’m confused about SWP's, JSA's?

You may have heard of Safe Work Procedures (SWP's), Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and various other terms.


To cut through the confusion, these are all tools that can be used to identify and communicate:

  • Hazards associated with tasks

  • The risk of the hazards

  • Controls to prevent people getting hurt or equipment being damaged

Free Safe Work Procedures

Other safety organisations charge up to and in some cases above $100 for just one procedure template.  As a member of EasyOHS you are able to download unlimited templates of procedures for your industry type at no additional cost.  These templates can then be edited, changed and printed from the EasyOHS system.  This saves a vast amount of time and money.  We regularly add new procedures and policies for various industry groups to help our members.  


Develop New Procedures

In addition, the Safe Work Procedure / JSA module of the EasyOHS system allows you to quickly and easily edit or develop completely new beautifully formatted procedures – including graphical images of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed through a point and click drop down menu –  it’s that simple. 

Now that is easy.....

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