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Toolbox Talks (Staff Meetings)

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All images shown are from the desktop version. The Cloud version is functionally similar, with additional features, but the layout will differ in some places

Consultation is the key to OH&S compliance.

We say that over and over but it can't be stressed enough, without regular consultation OH&S compliance is impossible.


You are required to conduct regular meetings with your entire staff. It doesn't matter what you call these meetings but, as they have commonly become known as Toolbox Talks, that is how they are referred to in the EasyOHS software.


Not only is it required that you hold these meetings, you have to record the proceedings and you may be asked at any time to produce these records for inspection.


The EasyOHS software makes all those things happen and much more.

How do I manage issues?

Issues that need to be discussed can be entered into the software at any time before or during a meeting. It doesn't matter how far away a meeting is, enter an issue and it will be raised at the NEXT meeting.


Once the person responsible decides on the next meeting date, he/she enters that information and the software immediately notifies all staff by email (if they have an email address entered in their records).


When the meeting is conducted .....

  • All issues are raised that need to be discussed

  • All discussion is entered into the software, including the staff involved

  • If an issue needs follow-up, staff can be selected to do the follow-up and any instructions deemed necessary can be entered into the software.

  • Any prior issues that have been recently resolved are made available for discussion

  • Prior issues that have not yet been resolved are made available for discussion


When the meeting is finished ...

  • The meeting results are printed for a hard copy to file

  • The staff involved in any issues that need follow-up are handed a form, including any instructions given, to remind them of that

  • If required, the software sends an email copy of that form to those with follow-up requirements

  • The EasyOHS software saves everything to the database and sets up all necessary requirements for the next meeting.

  • From this point you can start entering topics for discussion at the NEXT meeting.

All of that is recorded and available for presentation at any time.


EasyOHS, that's right!

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