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All images shown are from the desktop version. The Cloud version is functionally the same but the layout may differ in some places

Who has to be inducted?

Everybody that comes into your workplace to carry out work should be inducted.


That includes staff, visitors, tradesmen and sub-contractors.

  • Every time you get a new staff member, he/she must be inducted.

  • If a visitor is going to enter your workplace, he/she must be inducted.

  • If a tradesman is going to change a light bulb, he/she must be inducted.

  • If a sub contractor is going work in your workshop, he/she must be inducted.

  • Everybody that comes into the work area of your workplace must be inducted.

How can I manage this?

It sounds impossible, but don't be concerned, the EasyOHS software comes with a built in Induction Movie that covers a basic general induction for the average workplace. Simply sit them down in front of a computer and let the movie do the work.

This movie is a 34 sec example version of the actual Induction movie, which runs for 13mins 18secs

If the movie is not specific enough for your requirements, have an instructor fill in the gaps after the movie or, if you prefer, an Induction Movie can be created specifically for your workplace for a nominal fee.


EasyOHS, without a doubt!

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