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All images shown are from the desktop version. The Cloud version is functionally similar, with additional features, but the layout will differ in some places

What Policies & procedures are we talking about?

Policies and procedures set out the committment, resources, strategy and processes taken by a company to manage aspects of their occupational health and safety.

To be compliant with the OH&S requirements you need to have several policies in place. For instance, you should have, amongst others ...

  • An OHS Policy. This policy sets out your company's intentions with regard to OH&S issues and must be signed and displayed in your workplace. This is mandatory in some jurisdictions.

  • A Drugs and Alcohol policy. Sets out your companies rules with regard to drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

  • A Return To Work policy. Sets out the methods your company will take to ensure that staff are returned to work as quickly as possible after being off work through sickness or accident. This is mandatory in some jurisdictions.


So where do I get all these policies and procedures?

EasyOHS has many Policy and procedure templates available for download in the members area. Simply download those applicable to your workplace, and adopt them into your workplace through consultation and making any changes required. It's that simple.

EasyOHS helps you review


By the way Polices should be reviewed regularly but don't worry about that, the EasyOHS software will remind you when it's time.

Try doing that with a paper based safety system!

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