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Emergency Responses

12_Emergency Responses-A.png

All images shown are from the desktop version. The Cloud version is functionally similar, with additional features, but the layout will differ in some places

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a real emergency in your workplace, what should you do?

We all feel that we would be able to react correctly in that situation but when panic sets in we might make rash decisions that we wouldn't normally make in less stressful conditions.


At EasyOHS we understand that so we have a special area in our software to help you if ever an emergency does happen in your workplace.


Just click on the 'Emergency Responses' button on the front screen and you will be presented with this screen.


We have pre-programmed the four most common emergencies and left you space to insert 10 of your own. Of course you can also edit the four we have entered if you feel they do not match your particular situation.


EasyOHS, without a doubt!

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