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What can I do with the EasyOHS demo programme?


The demo programme sets you up as Demo Company Pty Ltd and allows you to see all the features of EasyOHS from that company's perspective.

The Risk Assessment Tool and the Compliance Audit tool are fully functional.

You will be able to perform a Compliance Audit and see the results.

Printing, Saving and Emailing do not function on any forms apart from the Compliance Graph which allows you to Print and Save.

We have also left the Staff Records/Qualifications area fully active so that, once you decide to purchase and you are waiting for the delivery of the product key, you can begin setting up your staff records in EasyOHS. It is a vital component of the entire system, but a tedious job.

Once you get the product key, contact support and they will help you transfer the staff database you have created to your new system. That will give you a flying start and get you on the road to a safer and compliant workplace much quicker than normal.

You can download the evaluation software here.

How easy is that?

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