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Why do I have to pay an annual fee?

WHS/OH&S compliance is an ongoing pursuit because workplaces and work environments can, and do, change on a daily basis.

Staff come and go, equipment changes, inspections and reviews fall due and changes to legislation may come into effect.

When legal requirements for workplace safety change, even though the fundamental principles for maintaining a safe place of work remain the same, there will be different requirements in the application of the new or altered rules. EasyOHS advisors attempt to interpret the results of changes and adopt them into the EasyOHS software and website to assist businesses in managing compliance.

Should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident in your workplace and have not taken any steps to comply or have allowed compliance to lapse, you and your company could be liable to prosecution. Not doing anything is the worst case scenario and can be likened to not doing a business tax return or declaring any income for years and then getting notified of a tax audit on your company. 


How would you feel if a worker was seriously injured and you had nothing in place in terms of workplace safety and workplace safety inspectors were on their way?

Membership with EasyOHS means that you will have a dynamic WHS/OH&S system, with ongoing support, that helps you to achieve a realistic compliance level and, more importantly, make your workplace safe.


EasyOHS is continually developing and reviewing templates for Policies, Procedures, Safe Work Procedures / Job Safety Analysis and other important OH&S documents.  These templates are available for members to download and adapt into their own workplace through consultation and making any changes to suit the individual business.  This allows rapid implementation from a solid base of information, saving time and money.


Online video tutorials are available anytime in the members area to assist in using each area of the EasyOHS system.

Part of your EasyOHS membership includes the price for leasing the EasyOHS software. If you do not renew your membership obviously the software will stop running. None of your data will be lost and, when you renew your subscription, EasyOHS will continue like it had never stopped.


The software is continually being improved and refined. For instance, a change in the requirements for compliance might mean that the EasyOHS software needs updating to assist in covering the new requirement. These updates are always available to members to download via the website at no cost.


Members will be notified by email when any updates are available.

How easy is that?

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