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What is the difference between an SWP, a JSA and an SWMS?


Safe work procedures (SWP), job safety analysis (JSA) and safe work method statement (SWMS) are all tools used to manage risk.  They follow five basic steps

  • Step out the task activities

  • Identify the hazards (what could hurt someone?)

  • Grade and register the initial Risk involved in performing the task

  • Identify ways to eliminate or control the risk

  • Grade and register the residual risk after the controls are put in place

In the EasyOHS programme it is entirely up to you as to what you call the document. You have several choices that ensure the document will be correctly named to suit the jurisdiction in which you operate.

The most important thing about it though is what it contains and how it is communicated in the workplace.

It is important that when adopting a procedure, JSA, or SWMS into the workplace that the persons carrying out the task are consulted on the safety aspects and that any relevant legislative requirements or standards are followed.

EasyOHS makes the production of SWPs easy as it allows you to easily format, insert icons for personal protective equipment and create a training or sign on sheet.

How easy is that?

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