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EasyOHS ... What makes it different?

There are many companies offering their solutions to your WHS or OH&S requirements and, when they advertise they like to use the word 'Easy' because it's a great way to attract your attention about a subject that is, typically, NOT easy.

Once you sign up they're likely to send you a beautifully bound manual that will, more than likely, sit on a shelf somewhere gathering dust or, if it's a software solution you might get pretty much the same but on your computer screen.

We don't use the word 'Easy' lightly, it's a part of our name. Our programme is called EasyOHS because it TRULY is EASY.

With the EasyOHS software there is no need to hire an extra staff member or an expensive consultant to interpret and decipher the complicated WHS/OH&S requirements. We do that for you and then our programme presents those requirements in a way that we know you can understand, in what we like to call a 'follow the bouncing ball' method.

The programme is continually being updated to reflect any changes in the requirements and the updates are always immediately available as a free download to members.

Simply put, there is no need for you to get bogged down by the complications in the law, just 'follow the bouncing ball' and you will be rushing towards complicity and a safer workplace, in fact, the EasyOHS software is so easy to use, we already know that there is someone on your staff who will be able to use it to help you get your company up to speed.

Nothing could be easier than that.

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