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Traffic Controller Run Over

Monday, August 03, 2009

Queensland police reported that a 48 year old traffic controller was hit and killed just north of Brisbane last night, after a vehicle entered an area closed during roadworks.

Sergeant Greg Price says the driver of the car ignored warnings to stop.

"It is needless - the traffic control guys are there for a reason - they're there to provide safety to the guys providing roadworks," he said.

"There's no need for traffic to go into that area - obey the speed limits, obey the directions given to you.

"This person died doing his job by someone disobeying general traffic rules, going up the wrong side of the road where the roadwork is."

The Australian Workers Union (AWU) says the State Government should fast track recommendations from a report on improving safety for traffic controllers.

Last month, the Government set-up a traffic controller safety task force after a critical report by the Queensland Workplace Rights Ombudsman.

Safety Tip from EasyOHS

Safely managing traffic is a key part of construction work.  Key considerations should include:

Lighting, compliant signage, high visibility clothing, fencing, barriers, traffic control plans, training, communication systems and procedures.


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