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Labour Hire OHS Responsibilities

Friday, February 05, 2010

WorkSafe Victoria has outlined that industries as diverse as retail and clerical through to the meat industry, trades (including apprentices), mining, health services, local government and the gamut of professions rely heavily on the flexibility that labour hire firms offer.

And while the labour hire sector firms are a big source of the Australian workforce
provides around 600,000 workers to industry across the country, failings by some are
causing serious injuries and big fines to be imposed by the courts.

Although they may not have day-to-day management control over the people they
employ, WorkSafe Victoria’s acting Executive Director, Stan Krpan, said they have long
-established health and safety responsibilities.

“This is particularly the case in industries where there are seasonal surges in demand
for workers, but unless they understand their obligations, people and businesses,
including their own are at risk.

“WorkSafe has been working with the labour hire industry for many years to improve
standards and while there has been improvement, more is needed.

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