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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Setting up a 'Safety Management System' can seem like a daunting task.  The good news is that once the EasyOHS system is installed - you can be be on the road to compliance within 30 minutes.  

The key to complying with occupational health and safety requirements centres around consulting with staff and managing risk. By using each of the systems in EasyOHS and downloading templates that you can then adapt into the workplace you can get maximum traction in both these areas with minimal time and cost.  As EasyOHS is a software program and not a folder sitting on a shelf, it can be adapted, changed, updated, deleted, re-configured and printed as needed.  

So lets look at how a typical implementation in a small business might look:

1) SIGN UP: Sign up for a yearly membership to EasyOHS.  You can choose at this point to download the EasyOHS system or if needed wait for a CD to be sent to you.   The program and licence key are then loaded onto your computer and your ready to go......

2) LOAD STAFF AND DETAILS: In the staff section, simply add your staff members and their details.  In this section you can also link in any licences / equipment ticketing or training needs for the staff member and run an online general safety induction.  You may be surprised to know that in most legal jurisdictions workplace safety laws require that staff receive some type of safety induction and that training (in relation to any safety needs) is undertaken. 

3) DO A COMPLIANCE CHECK:  The next thing we want to do is see where we are at with our safety.  Its time to be brutally honest with ourselves - who's been a bad boy then?  Maybe we haven't done much and placed workplace safety in the 'too hard basket'.  Well its a new day, so lets put all that behind us. 

Use the EasyOHS system to do your Compliance Audit.  Now hit the graph button and you will see your percentage rating.  If your under 50%, don't be too alarmed, you are not alone!!  If you go the main menu of your EasyOHS system you will see your compliance ranking in real time, like a little 'health thermometer' on the right hand side of your system.   Our goal is simple - Raise your compliance to at least 70% in the first year.  

4) SET UP YOUR CONSULTATION METHOD:  Workplace consultation is made out to be very complicated.  The simple fact is that employers and employees need to:
  • Decide on an an agreed consultation method
  • Nominate who does what & train them accordingly
  • Set up some type of recording process so that concerns are recorded and tracked
  • Have regular and meaningful meetings to eliminate or control risk in the workplace
  • Regularly review the process

The EasyOHS consultation system has a lot more information and guides your through the process and can also be used to manage the information and meetings.

Where to next?

OK - that's a start and we don't want to overload anyone.  If you can get the above done, you should now be sleeping better at night!! 

In the next installments we will look at Safe Work Procedures and the dreaded 'Risk Management'. 

Take care, and bye for now

Senior Safety Advisor

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