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Hot Liquid Warning from Safework SA

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

SafeWork SA is urging employers in the fast food and hospitality industries to tighten all safe work procedures that involve work with hot liquids. The agency is investigating a number of recent incidents in which workers have been scalded or burned at their workplace:

•22 October - a 30 year old restaurant employee suffered burns to feet, wrist and hand after dropping a pot of hot brine.
•1 November - a 17 year old worker suffered burns to a leg after dropping a bowl of hot water.
•15 November - a 17 year old employee suffered second degree burns when hot water spilt from a bucket during cleaning of a drink machine
•8 December – a 64 year old casual kiosk attendant suffered burns to the face, neck and hands while emptying hot oil from a fryer.

"SafeWork SA will investigate the incidents currently before it and review the findings,” says Executive Director, Michele Patterson.
"We will also monitor these industries to determine if broader action will need to be taken in the near future.
“However, these incidents and others have SafeWork SA concerned that with more people taking on casual work in these industries over the holiday period, the potential for these types of injuries to occur becomes greater.
“Young people in particular are at greater risk because of their inexperience.
“We know that common factors behind these types of incidents include unsuitable containers, which may be unstable, have no handles or insulation, are in poor condition or are too large to be easily handled.
“Adding to the risk factors are unsafe work practices, such as carrying containers of hot liquids across slippery floors, or balancing them on unstable surfaces, “ Ms. Patterson says.

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