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Fatigue Management System

Friday, February 05, 2010

Worksafe South Australia has released an approved Code of Practice for Managing Fatigue.  In addition they have a number of handy checklists and risk assessment tools to assist with managing work related fatigue. 

Work schedules that require people to be awake and active at night, or to work for extended periods of time, disrupt circadian rhythms and increase the risk of fatigue.

A person suffering from fatigue may in turn experience:

(a) difficulty in concentration;
(b) impaired recollection of timing and events;
(c) poor judgement;
(d) reduced capacity for effective interpersonal communication;
(e) reduced hand-eye coordination;
(f) reduced visual perception;
(g) reduced vigilance; and
(h) slower reaction times.

To access the code of practice, the fatigue checklist and the fatigue risk assessment tool select the links below.

1) Fatigue code of practice
2) Fatigue checklist
3) Fatigue risk assessment tool


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