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Farm Safety Week in WA - Warning for Quad Bikes

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Farmsafe WA says it is alarmed by the number of deaths caused by quad bikes on farm properties and is urging landholders to use the vehicles cautiously.

The warning comes during National Farm Safety Week, which runs until Saturday.

The event was established to raise awareness of health and wellbeing issues in rural farm communities.

Executive officer Sheila Payne says although farm fatalities have dropped in recent years, quad bikes continue to be the leading cause of death on farms.

"Quad bikes have eclipsed tractors by a ratio of about two to one and [we] just urge anyone that's actually looking to purchase a quad bike to have a look at the safety and non-safety aspects of that," she said.

"[National Farm Safety Week is] probably a good time to just stop and just check things that may be on their properties.

"For instance, any risks or hazards that might be relevant - workshops, chemical shed, machinery for instance."

Source:  ABC News


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