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Are you playing Russian roulette by not having a comprehensive safety system?  Don't take the risk, do something about it right now - EasyOHS. 

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Pre Loaded Construction Packs

  • Specific pre loaded packs for construction related work activities
  • Forget the paperwork nightmare - with out of date paperwork sitting in folders
  • We can install your program and get the key components of your Safety System in place in one day!
  • Packs specific for general building, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, bricklaying, paving / concreting, demolition, asbestos related removal work, roofing, glazing, crane operations and earthmoving.  


Pre Loaded Mining Packs

  • Pre loaded packs for drilling operators, underground infrastructure, explosives, hauling, concrete batching, 
  • Save huge amounts of time, money and effort and get on with your business...
  • Set up Site Specific Safety Management Plans for various jobs using our incredible SMP              


Save Money - And Win Contracts

  • Can you afford the cost of not being compliant - with massive penalties for non-compliance?
  • Win more contracts with a comprehensive Safety System
  • Our system helps you demonstrate compliance with national safety laws (Work Health and Safety Act) and any other jurisdiction you may be in


Take  The Pain Out Of Safety

  • Our system has everything you need to manage your compliance and centralise all your information
  • Have access via phone and email to our safety experts to answer your questions and keep you on track
  • Never be confused again by your legal requirements for a safe workplace 



Pipemakers supports a large customer base that includes QLD, NSW, WA, VIC and SA. After reviewing various programs, Pipemakers selected EasyOHS to manage this complex area of compliance. This decision was based on the cost effective and realistic pricing structure and the functionality of the program in covering all the aspects required.

BTW Communications

BTW communications, one of Australia's leading communication equipment suppliers has five sites and needed to get on top of their workplace safety requirements. The system is run by the repair manager who loves the system and is easily managing compliance requirements across multiple sites.

Microsoft Bizspark Startup

Microsoft Bizspark Startup

Easyohs is proud to have been accepted as a Microsoft BizSpark Startup.

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